Brain Gym for Special Needs 170 (13-16 August 2013)

Course Title: Brain Gym for Special Needs 170

Date: 13-16 August 2013

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

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Feedbacks from the participants

“Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course were the ability to notice my own muscles, rhythm, timing and flow within the brain/body system. I will tell others about the beautifulness about the BRAIN” ~ Educator

“I noticed that I improved my own memory and confident that enable me to follow the steps and games. The activities for the 3 dimensions of learning will be useful for my special child daughter and my mum who has a stroke. I will tell others about Brain Gym is some good exercise or massage mainly for the brain that helps special need people in order to comprehend, organize and communicate. ” ~ A mother

“I noticed that I am more confidence, got more clear direction how to help the children. I learn about what caused the difficulty in focus, organizing, communication and how to help to cross over this difficulty. This course is very useful, I will introduce to my friend and teacher who are interested. My feedback for the Phoebe is her explanation is clear and she is a person who are willing to share her knowledge with each other.” ~ A mother

“Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course were I learn more and understand more about special needs children and more confident on observations. I will say that this course will provide an in-depth experience of some basic developmental movement patterns with the emphasis on how to use Brain Gym with children who have special needs.” ~ A Preschool teacher

“Positive changes are I able to take over my emotions and direct my way of thinking (more focus, in detail) and speaking (gentle and polite). Parts of the course that helped me learn were self-experiencing how the movements make an effect on me and witnessed from the child’s observation and assessment. It benefits not only on myself, and it is a senses of tools to fulfill individual’s needs.” ~ Early childhood Educator

“The main changes I have noticed are on the Centering dimension and I am still integrating those changes. Part of the course that helped me learn were the building block, and experiencing them most particularly the spinal walking, ear popping, navel radiation. I will encourage people to take this course to deepen their understanding of BG. Also for anyone who work with children (parents included) it is a very hand on approach to know the development stages and to support their development. The instructor has a clear and hand on approach that provides a lot of opportunities foe the students to experience, validate the material presented and memorize the movements. She is also a strong role model in her caring and loving attitude while demonstrating the balance.” ~ A Homemaker – BG101 Educator-Facilitator

“Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course is I am more aware of my senses. I am able to ensure 50% of my inquiries on autism personality and trait.” ~ Student

“I am more confident and more alert with the Brain Gym. Parts of the course that helped me learn were more relax on the day. I will tell others that it is a very good course with all the building block and movement that can help not only the special needs child but myself and others.  Phoebe is a very good and very patient teacher and it is not boring during the class, we play the games and ball at the class. It is nice.”~ An Account Clerk








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