MBL™ 1 day course


1 day course


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Having difficulty in getting your children to stay focus in studies?

Your children unable to move their bodies freely?

Movement Based Learning™ is based on natural, normal human development. The movements bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in focus, comprehension, communication, organization and physical movement.

  • Provides techniques that support integration of the nervous system.
  • Lay good foundation for who resists to move their body
  • Is immediately applicable at home, school and in a therapeutic setting.


The Movement Based Learning program enhances the work of:

  • Special Needs Providers;
  • People who work in Kindergarten, schools and hospitals;
  • Tutors from all types of tutorial Centres;
  • Caregivers to elderly persons, and
  • Child Minders or Nannies


This 8-hour experiential course provides an in-depth look at some basic developmental movement patterns with emphasis on how to use a movement based-learning™ program to support and build up abilities of children.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Discover the technique of using 7 Building Block Activities to support integration of the nervous system.
  • Apply the 7 Building Block Activities on self and children of all abilities.
  • Witness a live demo on how the instructor work with invited children with special needs using the building block activities and modified Brain Gym® Activities.


  • This course shows techniques on how one offer a space in which to grow. The space here is for the child or an adult awakening for the first time to a greater potential, If put into consistent practice, small increments of growth will be noticeable.
  • Participants will leave the course with new skills that optimize learning and performance in all areas of life. And they will find that these tools are immediately applicable (in-home, school and therapeutic settings!