DD105 Double Doodle Play

Double Doodle Play

A Window to Whole-Brain Vision


Credit Hours



Having difficulty in developing your children in visual skills and hand-eye coordination?

Your children unable to be creative?

Allows you to experience a new sense of ability and awareness as you learn to use both hands simultaneously to express your creativity, thoughts and freedom through your art.


This course has been designed for children and teenagers, particularly those who have learning challenges or emotional issues. You will get to explore the use of Double Doodle and other activities from Brain Gym® and Vision Gym® to enhance visual perception and artistic expression. Experience the relationship between visual skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity in this hands-on workshop. Learners of any age can benefit from it.


This open-to-all workshop will allow you to discover:

  • Your own innate ability to draw and paint.
  • New ways to connect with colour, shape and movement.
  • The informative nature of the design process.
  • The mystery of co-creative drawing.
  • A new way to journal your experiences.
  • Joy, ease and serendipity in creative expression!

Learn how the following abilities affect reading and fine-motor skills of a child:

  • Crossing the visual/kinesthetic midline.
  • Binocularity for working in the midfield.
  • The internalization of early development movement.
  • Spatial awareness and depth perception.
  • Self- perception as it regards movement and tactility


  • An expanded version of the 8 hour Double Doodle Play, and will be taught in a two hour weekly class over a span of 8 weeks.