Brain Gym® Optimal Brain Organization

Optimal Brain Organisation, developed by Dr. Paul Dennison, is a fascinating and invaluable extension of the Brain Gym® course. It explains why these activities work, and shows how they help brain integration. It is an important tool as it provides essential clues about a learner’s preference. It helps understand and anticipate the difficulties and allows the teachers to maximise potential.

Brain Organization

Every one has his or her own unique pattern of brain organization (dominance) and potential integration.  Recognizing those activities that promote whole-brain functioning is essential for physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  Besides learning how to facilitate balances for others, participants also learn to identify their own gifts and strengths and to overcome compensatory patterns of functioning

The Optimal Brain Organization is invaluable to educators and children alike, as it indicates sensory and brain preferences and their implication for such activities as:

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