Parents Coaching Program

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is grows up, he will not depart from it.”

This program has been specially developed for parents with children who learn differently or have special needs. Under the program, parents will attend a 4-day Brain Gym for Special Needs (also known as BG170), an 8 hour P.L.A.Y strategy and a 15 hour RMT for School Readiness.

Workshop 1

Brain Gym for Special Needs (BG170)

Single Class worth RM2,400

In Brain Gym for Special Needs (BG170), parents will be introduced to the Brain Gym 26 specific movements that can help to ready a child for learning to take place. In this course too, parents will learn to understand what they see and hear; set achievable goals for their children to succeed; understand the use of intention in their speech and; a set of movements, unique to BG170, called Building Blocks, which are used to build up non-existent or minimal abilities. Parents will learn about the three dimensions of learning that correlate to the neurological development of a child. They will be introduced to the Focus Dimension (comprehension involving the Back Brain); Centering (organisation involving the Midbrain); and Laterality (communication involving the cerebral hemispheres). Parents will be taught to notice physical posture and body language of these three dimensions to understand a particular child’s learning process. Ultimately it is to bring all three dimensions of the brain and body system to work together in order to make learning easier.

In the words of its founder, Cecilia Koester, M.Ed., “When learning involves the whole brain, we become active, self-motivated learners, able to take risks, explore new territory, and enjoy the peaks and valleys of the adventure at any age and under any circumstance. A child who has special needs emerges from her shell of survival reflexes and movement patterns into whole-brain integration.”


Workshop 2

3P.L.A.Y to Breakthrough

Single Class Worth RM800

The 8 hour P.L.A.Y strategy focuses on developing parents’ knowledge about the natural process of a child’s physiological as well as psychological development. It also highlights appropriate movement based learning that can springboard a child’s learning. The strategy teaches techniques that will empower parents to help their children overcome and triumphed against their challenges. An important part of this strategy is about creating conducive learning environments for a child to work through particular challenges to achieve Independence, Confidence and Interaction with Others ( I.C.I. ). Parents will be guided to support their children in their journey in relaxed and hopeful ways.

Lesson 1: Overview of Breakthru Approach: Practical Coaching Strategies for children who learn differently.
1. The discovery of P.L.A.Y Strategies.
2. Important of noticing process
3. Successful cases using P.L.A.Y Strategies.

Lesson 2: P.L.A.Y Strategies Part 1
1. Be Presence
2. Listen
3. Acknowledge
4. Yeah!!

Lesson 3: P.L.A.Y Strategies Part 2
1. Plan
2. Language
3. Appreciation
4. Yeah!!

Lesson 4: P.L.A.Y Strategies Part 3
1. Progress
2. Lead
3. Aspire
4. Yeah!!


Workshop 3

RMT for School Readiness

Single Class Worth RM880

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) School Readiness has been designed to bring about a brain and body integration and synergy in all systems for children and adults with specific learning challenges (including ADD/ ADHD, dyslexia and autism), motor problems, or people with emotional and behavioural issues. Parents will learn how to use various RMT activities to build up weak links or straightened the tangles within a body system.


usual fee RM4,080.00

Package contains:
8 hours of 3P.L.A.Y. Strategies
+ 32-hour BG170 for SN Providers
+ 8-hour RMT for School Readiness
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