OBOTT552 OBO Teachers Training


Optimal Brain Organization Teachers Training


Credit Hours


Becoming a Optimal Brain Organization Teacher?


Open to all who had

  • Attended OBO twice,
  • 10 profile case studies, outlining the advantages and the challenges of each profile,
  • 1 case study of each balance taught in the OBO course.


This is an experiential workshop. Licensed Brain Gym® Instructors will be licensed to teach the OBO (201) Workshop to Brain Gym® 101 students as they are learning to:

  • Access Optimal Brain Organization Profiles of both children and adults
  • Discover their own unique Profile for learning
  • Awaken latent gifts and potentials
  • Discover unique, dynamic, and innovative applications of brain research
  • Understand  familial patterns as well as the role of early learning experiences in determining Organization Profiles
  • Identify and learn the importance of different Organization Profiles (including Uniform, Mixed, and  One-Sided)
  • Learn to interpret implications of Profile on learning style
  • Learn to balance Optimal Brain Organization Profiles for greater ease in any learning situation
  • Incorporate Brain Organization tools into the Edu-K balance process