Remanlay Accupressure Integration™

Remanlay Acureflex Integration™(R.A.I) is a method with a focus of exploring the acupuncture points to integrate primitive reflexes without needles. It just uses touches, certain massage techniques and energy works.

The R.A.I method explains about the development and reflexes of children from conception, pregnancy, delivery, until the first year of their lives through the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. This method views child development from the aspect of energy and gives a clearer explanation about energy work.

This work develops from the observations that not every child is comfortable with needles, many children indeed have enormous stress and trauma in dealing with needles. Instead of achieving great results, the enormous stress could trigger the primitive reflex to turn on. This is the reason why not every special need children achieve great results with acupuncture, since the stress when dealing with needles could affect the number of neurons.

In my clinic, I only give needle(s) to children with emergency cases, such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy etc. because in epilepsy, seizures also affect the developments of neurons. There is one case where one of my clients had a seizure every minute, and acupuncture did help her a lot.

R.A.I is a method that stimulates and works on energy meridians without needles, all that you need is your hands and breathing techniques. This method combines meridians work with reflexes integration.