BG101 Brain Gym® 101


for Everyday Living


Credit Hours


None Required.


Having difficulty in getting your children to catch up with studies?

Your children unable to stay focus or sit still?

This 24-hour course is an experiential introduction to Brain Gym. You will learn how to draw out the potential in all areas of life by using powerful Brain Gym® tools.

  • Demonstrate the how to do all 26 Brain Gym movements and the basics principles of Brain Gym
  • Apply the dynamic Brain Gym 'balance" process to overcome obstacles to learning, performance, and self-esteem.
  • Improves vision and reading, hearing, fine motor/eye-hand coordination and whole body coordination, as well as communication, organization, and focus.


Therapists, teachers, tutors and parents as well as others in the caring professions will develop a repertoire of specific ways to support them in developing positive and measurable changes, whether physical, cognitive, behavioral or emotional.


2 Re-patterning Sequences

  • “Dennison Laterality Re-patterning” (DLR) and “Three Dimension Re-patterning” (3DLR) –they “remind” different areas of your brain to work together synergistically and especially useful for improving focus, participation, and organization, as well as for the greater ease in everyday tasks and physical activities.
    Briefly this course:
  • Promotes efficient communication,
  • Increases creativity,
  • Alleviates stress,
  • Enhances performance in study, work, sports etc,
  • Brings more ease and joy in teaching your children / students, including those with behavioural or learning difficulties.

4 Steps to Get Ready

This four minute Brain Gym® warm-up helps you feel focused, relaxed and ready to begin any new task or challenge.

26 Specific Movement Activities

Quick and simple physical movements that enhance specific skills, such as memory, math reading, writing and communication, while improving creativity, energy levels, athletic performance, and school and business success.

The 5-Step Balance Process

This process targets a goal of your choice. You will learn how to select and do the Brain Gym® activities that best supports achieving goal.


  • A series of simple movement activities
  • An innovative program that is easy to learn, fun to use and requires no special equipment to enhance learning and build self esteem in children
  • Goals focused techniques for adults to achieve with more ease and effectiveness in any area of life.
  • A Manual
  • A Certificate of Completion issued by Brain Gym International