Emotions, Memory and Behavior


Credit Hours


Is your child/ student facing challenges in school or at home and has difficulty in his/her emotions, behavior and memory?

This is a program that

  • helps overcome emotions, memory and behavior challenges.
  • help to get in touch with our emotions and to stabilize them.

The movements used in RMT were originally developed in the 1970s by self-taught therapist Kerstin Linde. These gentle rocking and rolling movements are based on Kerstin's observations of the movements a baby naturally makes before and during birth, as well as those throughout the first year of life.  Since then the program has been expanded to included a deeper understanding of the role of movement in development and its connection to primitive reflex integration and neural development. RMT International, as founded by Moira Dempsey, continues to expand the original work of Kerstin Linde into a powerful way of working with people of all ages, promoting the integration of postural, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges, in a safe and gentle way.


  • Participants that have completed RMTi™Level 1
  • A necessary supplement for anyone who wishes to work with Rhythmic Movement Training™.


This 1-day course addresses how the Rhythmic Movement Training™ affects our emotions, how to work with movements to get in touch with our emotions and how to stabilise emotions when they threaten to take control. It also examines how stress and daily life affects our body and how the rhythmic movements can help to relax and ease muscle tension. It is a necessary supplement for anyone who wishes to work with rhythmic movement training.


  • RMT International Certification
  • RMT 2 Manual Book
  • Networking opportunities
  • Refreshments