Brain Gym® Vision Circle

Vision Circles provides a road map to the completion of developmental skills through movement, play and art.

“I see myself using each of the eight Vision Circle balances for myself and in my repertoire of balances.” – D.S.”I am always so inspired by my classes with you!  I got home last night and got much more done than I ever expected!  I was energized! ……. The movements really resonated with me.  I found myself doing some of them just in the course of my morning!” –  R.B.

Why take Vision Circles?

As we travel the developmental road of vision as a way of thinking, we visit eight intersecting spheres each representing a integral skill of information processing. Noticing, moving, listening, seeing and the skills of using our hands and language for self-expression and communication with others are explored using the Brain Gym® 5-step learning process. Along the way, new Vision Gym® movements are learned with applications for personal and work settings, including the classroom.