Double Doodle Play



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Double Doodle Play, a window that enters into the world of Edu-K through a unique two-handed learning. It was introduced in the 1980’s when the book of Brain Gym® : Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning was published.  And now it is an 8 hour elective course in the Edu-K programme by Gail E. Dennison.

Double Doodle Play is a unique kind of art experience, for the most part different from fine art, yet like all art endowing us throughout our life by supporting our artistic pleasure and aesthetic appreciation, as well as providing a foundation for academic skills.

This course will unfold your creativity while providing you the tools to assist others to improve focus and sustain attention for reading, writing and math. In a relax and comfortable atmosphere,  Double Doodle Play which using two hands drawing simultaneously provide opportunity to discover the joy and ease of new ways of connecting on paper with color, shape, texture and movement.

What will you learn in Double Doodle Play?

Why Double Doodle Is So Effective?

Who should attend the course?

There is no prerequisite for the Double Doodle Play course. All are invited to join in the fun. The course counts for eight hours of 100-level courses for BrainGym® Instructorship licensure.