.. about Brain Gym (BG170)

Positives changes I noticed in myself during this course were I learn to be calmer. And I will tell others this course (Brain Gym 170) is very good and especially those with special need kids. After that, the instructor, Phoebe Long gives very clear information of this course. – Connie Goh Mei Ping

During this course which is Brain Gym 170, I noticed that I become more confident and personal breakthrough. I knew more about myself in terms of my body, mind and emotion. Brain Gym had open up perspective in dealing with personal, interpersonal and spiritual. This course (Brain Gym 170) has definitely open up my mind in relation with my work, family and personal health in a more holistic point of view. And I will tell other Brain Gym 170 course is amazing and it is suitable and could cater for people of all ages irrespective of their background as long as there is active participant in this course. I hope this course would be stepping stone in the pursuing of my dream which is unfulfilled and this Edu-K training has given hope to all the special need community in particular. My feedback for the instructor who is Phoebe Long had an excellent teaching style and I can’t wait to learn more from here. – Anna Chong Fui Nah

Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course (Brain Gym 170) was I realized my past and there is something to change now. After this course I learn that I need to improve my own emotional before I can help others to calm down their emotional. This course could help us not only help for special need children. It also helps for controlling the emotional and improves the brain system. – Suzanne Goh Siau Wui

Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course (Brain Gym 170) was I more awareness about myself. The parts of this course that helped me learn were the 26 movement of Brain Gym and the movement of Building Block. The instructor in this course, Phoebe had a very well explain in all area, enjoyable and interactive. I look forward to the next class. – Meta Melanie Godfrey

Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course (Brain Gym 170) was enhancement on application for whole family. I will tell others about this course is we should spread this conventional school teachers, offices and communities leaders to implement Brain Gym to relax and learn better. – Ang San San