RMT for School Readiness Instructorship Program

“The infant needs to develop sufficient muscle tone in order to be able to move around and stimulate this linking together. To establish tone, the infant needs to be touched, hugged, and rocked, as well as being allowed to move around freely. Such stimulation sends signals from the sense organs of the tactile, balance and kinaesthetic senses to those centres of the brain stem that regulate muscle tone. If the baby gets insufficient stimulation from these senses the tone of the extensor muscles will be low.3 This may make it difficult for the baby to lift his head and chest and move around, further reducing the stimulation from the balance, tactile and kinaesthetic senses, leading to a particularly vicious cycle of developmental delay.” ~ Harald Blomberg, Movements that Heal

In order to be a RMTi School Readiness Instructor, you will need to complete a series of classes and demonstrate competency in teaching this subject before you can start teaching RMTi School Readiness.

The Special Pathway Discount

In line with Breakthru Academy's mission to produce quality professionals, we have prepared an effective pathway for you. And to motivate and encourage persistency, we shall reduce the overall fee should you decide to complete your pathway with us.

The reduced fee will be shown at the end of the page, so keep scrolling and find out the classes you will learn.

Your Achievements Upon Completion

Be recognized as a certified RMTi School Readiness Instructor by RMT International

Qualified to be an Associate Instructor with BEST Academy

Your Benefits

Licensed to teach RMTi School Readiness and issue International Certificates to participants,

Share you passions in bringing this useful technique to more family and therapists in your workshops,

Also licensed to teach Rhythm Movement and Play,

Be listed on RMTi website.
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The RMTi School Readiness Instructorship Pathway

Begins here.

  • Class 1


    RMT for School Readiness

    16 Hours

  • Class 2


    RMT for School Readiness

    16 Hours

  • Class 3


    RMT for School Readiness Teacher Training

    8 Hours



    Co-teach RMTi for School Readiness

    at least (twice)



    For Teaching


    • Observed at least by SR Observer at least once,
    • Complete any other task thought necessary by SR Observer (eg case studies, article, compiling feedback) 

  • Licensing


    Contract Signing

    Licensure agreement with RMT International

Upon Completion

You will be licensed to teach RMTi School Readiness and Rhythm Movement and Play.


For becoming a RMTi School Readiness Instructor

Sign-up for the upfront payment package and complete your instructorship with almost RM700 discount. Kindly contact 03-41497977 for details.

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