VCTT551 Vision Circles Teacher Training


Vision Circles Teacher Training


Credit Hours


Becoming a Vision Circles teacher?

This course is for you

  • if you love the playful creativity of the Vision Circles work,
  • if you’d like to deepen your understanding of the eight perceptual circles,
  • if you want to teach this work to others.

Come with specific goals and questions to help create the unique environment that will allow for new, free-flowing knowledge and application of the Vision Circles process.


When you choose to become a Vision Circles teacher, you’re choosing to bring more play, art, music, and dance into your profession. You’ll learn to nurture sensory skills by noticing, exploring, and celebrating beauty with others, discovering how to draw out your students’ ability to cultivate their perceptual aliveness. Through Vision Circles you will experience how visual skills are expanded and supported by the other senses. You’ll discover the visions that move you, and can then, in turn, support others in doing the same.


In this course, you will practice and learn to teach:

  • Academic skills built on a foundation of solid perceptual and developmental  abilities.
  • Eight circles of perceptual awareness.
  • Thirty-six Vision Gym® movements for supporting visual skills and integrating  sensory perception.
  • Ten new balances (Vision Circles balances are especially wonderful for working  with children).
  • Many playful ways to develop the senses and integrate visual skills.

As a licensed Vision Circles teacher, you will:

  • Enjoy rapid, joyful personal growth.
  • Integrate vision, mind/body organization, and learning.
  • Experience the joys and challenges of teaching an exciting and innovative  approach to  natural vision improvement.
  • Facilitate increased sensory awareness for others.
  • Deepen your skills at successful goal setting.
  • Support people to feel empowered through playful movement.
  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Edu-K work.


  • As a facilitator of the Vision Circles journey, you’ll expand your curiosity as an explorer of the world around you, ready to let go of preconceptions and engage in childlike play with the possibilities of life’s phenomena.
  • Your enhanced ability to see the wonder, beauty, and inherent organization in your visual world will prepare you to guide your students in more fully discovering these abilities for themselves.
  • Participants experience the ways vision is expanded and enlarged by the other senses, and learn how to facilitate sensory awareness and perceptual skills in others.
  • This class is a requirement for licensure as a Vision Circles Instructor.