Touch for Health™ Instructorship Program

In 1970, I decided to synthesize and share the information that eventually came to be called TOUCH FOR HEALTH. I wanted people to understand that there is always hope, no matter what their age or physical condition. Chiropractic, kinesiology, nutrition, acupressure – all I’d studied and knew really worked – were translated into practical techniques people could use with themselves and their loved ones at home. Since 1970, more than a million people have experienced the help that Touch for Health has given. There is no way to share the joy I feel when I fear of the changes Touch for Health has made in another person’s life.~ John F.Thie D.C. , Founder

In order to be a Touch for Health™(TFH) Instructor, you will need to complete a series of classes and demonstrate competency in teaching this subject before you can start teaching.

The Special Pathway Discount

In line with Breakthru Academy's mission to produce quality professionals, we have prepared an effective pathway for you. And to motivate and encourage persistency, we shall reduce the overall fee should you decide to complete your pathway with us.

The reduced fee will be shown at the end of the page, so keep scrolling and find out the classes you will learn.

Your Achievements Upon Completion

Be recognized as a certified Touch for Health™ Instructor by International Kinesiology College Inc.

Qualified to be an Associate Instructor with BEST Academy

Your Benefits

Start teaching your own TFH classes and issue International Certificates to participants,

Share you passions in bringing this useful technique to more family and therapists in your workshops,

Qualify to join International Kinesiology College Inc. as a Full Member,

Be listed on TFH website and start teaching Classes.
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The TFH Instructorship Pathway

Begins here.

  • Class 1


    Touch for Health Level One

    16 Hours

  • Class 2


    Touch for Health Level Two

    16 Hours

  • Class 3


    Touch for Health Level Three

    16 Hours

  • Class 4


    Touch for Health Level Four

    16 Hours

  • Class 5


    Touch for Health Proficiency

    16 Hours

  • Class 6


    Touch for Health Teachers Training Workshop

    72 Hours



    For Teaching


    • Attend the Touch for Health Synthesis (Level 1 to 4) with a registered TFH instructor (approximately 60 hours)
    • Complete the TFH workbook
    • Satisfactorily complete the TFH Proficiency class with an IKC appointed proficiency assessor (approximately 15 hours)
    • Complete the TFH Training Workshop (approximately 60 hours) with an IKC appointed faculty or trainer

  • Licensing

    LICENSE WITH International Kinesiology College Inc.

    Contract Signing

    Licensure agreement with International Kinesiology College Inc.

Upon Completion

You will be licensed to teach Touch for Health classes.


For becoming a Touch for Health™ Instructor

Sign-up for the upfront payment package and complete your instructorship with almost RM1000 discount. Kindly contact 03-41497977 for details.