.. about Touch for Health (TFH)


The methods of teaching by instructor are easily to understand and explain several times when the participants have the question or difficulties. From this course, I know what Touch for Health (TFH) and how to do the muscle checking and notice which muscle is related with particular meridian. Touch for Health, Level 1 (TFH1) will be used when I meet difficulty or feel tension. It helps me to relax. – Chong Zhi Jen

The words to describe my experience of this course  are fulfilling ad excited. This workshop which is  Touch for Health, Level 1 (TFH1) easily to understood and it help me understand my body functioning. And it also help me understand how to find a balance and integrate of my body. It is a daily wellbeing. – Mohanavani.C

The three words to describe my experience of this course are relaxed, amazing and fun. In this course which is Touch for Health, Level 1 (TFH1) , I found out the most practical and relevant things I learned are the method to be calm such as “Neuro-Vascular and Holding Points”. And the method help me to become more calm and relax. – Tan Wee Giap