RMT™ Instructorship Program

RMTi is based on the work and contributions of Swedish selftaught movement therapist Kerstin Linde, Swedish psychiatrist Harald Blomberg and Australian educator and kinesiologist, Moira Dempsey. Dr Harald Blomberg, a Swedish psychiatrist, met Kerstin Linde in the mid-1980s and started to use the movements with his patients and found that they had profound effects. He also studied with other movement specialists. Moira Dempsey, an Australian Educational and Developmental kinesiologist became interested in the role of retained reflexes in learning and behavioural challenges in the mid 1990’s. Moira Dempsey met Dr. Blomberg in 2003 and started using the movements herself and with clients. She noticed remarkable results. In 2011 Harald and Moira released the RMT book Movements that Heal. The courses taught by Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi), founded by Moira Dempsey, combine the rhythmic movements with in-depth reflex integration techniques into an effective program that is taught world-wide by a growing network of certified trainers.

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Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi) supports an individual’s ability to achieve their highest potential through the use of rhythmic, innate, developmental movements.

1. To become a licensed RMTi Consultant or Instructor, you may find your path in the Professional Options menu below.

2. RMTi licensing is a perfect companion for modality practitioners or trainers including, but not limited to, Early Childhood teacher; registered and qualified primary/elementary/grade school teacher; high school teacher; school counsellor; Occupational Therapist; Physical Therapist; Speech Therapist/Pathologist; Massage Therapist; Brain Gym Instructor; Kinesiologist; Touch for Health Instructor; Yoga teacher; INPP Practitioner; MNRI Practitioner; Behavioural/Developmental Optomestrist; Osteopath; Chiropractor; Dance Teacher; Nurse; Doctor; etc.

3. Licensed professionals have access to the RMTi library of training/consulting materials, a listing in the professionals directory on RMTi website so people can find you, and the ability to add your own class offerings to RMTi website.

4. To remain a licensed RMTi professional, you will need to stay qualified/certified in your profession or modality, as well as, pay the annual RMTi licensing fee to RMTi.

Regular pathway will focus on budget learning and emphasize on review classes whereby SR pathway will be classes focus on School Readiness. To be RMT Instructor Level One and Two, there are two different pathways. Firstly, it is an Introduction to RMT Instructor Pathway . Alternative pathway is another option If you are NOT already an "Introduction to RMTi" Instructor. For RMT Level Three Instructor Pathway, classes will focus on RMT Level 3 and teacher training. These pathways are available in Breakthru Academy. However, it does not affect comprehensive pathways that RMTi provides.

RMT Consultant

RMT Instructor Level One & Two

RMT Instructor Level Three

Comparison chart of different pathways

Becoming RMT Consultant

Becoming Level One and Two Instructor

Becoming Level Three Instructor



School Rdy


with Intro


w/o Intro


Level Three


This chart indicates the classes involve to complete a specific pathway. The review classes and case studies were removed for clarity purposes. Please click on the respective badges above to view the complete process in becoming a RMT consultant/instructor.