.. about Brain Gym (BG 101)


The course tells us that “movement helps in learning and the Brain Gym 101 movements are movements that designed for different learning skills”. – Lim Fang Huey

The course (Brain Gym 101) is very flexible with participant’s need. It is straight forward and easy to understand even though it’s actually quite a lot to be understand. The positive changes I noticed in myself during the course are I more understand the Brain Gym activities and the activities does help me to feel more relax and more aware myself. Brain Gym is a technique that may help with our daily activities through simple movement. – Norhayati

The simple activities and movements can literally change my thoughts, body movements and stability. I am now able to integrate the info I’ve learned to positively more myself forward in teaching others. Brain Gym 101 can alter, re-pattern and assist one in any area of difficulty they may be facing. —Susie 

I like the movements which is the physical movements and understood about how physical movements will help with learning. I see new possibilities in the area of self-improvement. I feel more empowered to help myself and those around me. Brain Gym 101 is a course about movement based learning and it can help children and adults with learning issue. — Nicole Chue Mui Ching