How to Register a Class

Step 1

Find Class

Find your intended class. You may start from the Highlighted events or Upcoming event list
eg. Find from (not limited to) one of the following:

Course Menu

found at header menu

Course Guide

found at header menu

Entry Level Selection

found at Post-graduate section



Step 2

Fill Form

Choose your option of ticket and fill up the Registration Form.

Click Register

found at right end of event table

Login Optional

A new member account will be created for you automatically if you use a different email.



If you login, your previous record will be auto-filled in the form

Proceed With Payment

click to display payment options.

Step 3


Make payment online using PayPal, or do a bank transfer.

Enter Promo Code

If you have a promo code

Select Payment Method

After selection please wait for a message display before proceeding to Finalize Registration

Bank Transfer

Please email us the proof of transfer to



You may do online payment via PayPal and get immediate confirmation

Credit Card

You may also pay via Credit Card at our office (71-2 Platinum Walk)


We also accept cheque payment, however it has to be submitted one week ahead of course date.

Step 4

Check Email

Check your email for confirmation of registration or payment.

Payment Pending

If you select Bank Transfer, you will receive an invoice indicating payment pending.

Registration Confirmed

Upon showing proof of payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Welcome to your new class!

Check Payment Status

You may check your payment and registration status at Participant Guide Menu

Re-Send Invoice

You may also request for a resend of your invoice here.