What our participants notice..


Changes in Themselves

Read these testimonies of our participants after attending the courses:

Why they choose to attend courses conducted at BEST Academy, will be the same reason for you too.

Mentored by Master Trainers

You get to be mentored by the masters themselves, usually during the practicum and teachers training classes. BEST Academy will schedule for these masters to come regularly to Malaysia. Such masters includes Cecilia Koester, Glenys Leadbeater, Moira Dempsey, Toni Lilley, Kay McCarroll and Phoebe Long among others.

Simple Online Registration

You may register all our classes online, and have your choice of payment method. You may choose to pay online via PayPal or Credit Card, or do a bank online transfer. Our new Academy website provide clear and latest information about upcoming classes.

Social Networking on Facebook and WhatsApp

All participants get to join our secret facebook group and are free to network with each other. For latest developments and announcement, you may join our WhatsApp or WeChat group too. This is to keep our attendees close with one another so that we may support each other better.

Practice Classes at BESTCentre

I am sure you would like to practice your new found skills after attended the courses. In addition to working on your child and family members, BEST Centre will organize practice classes in small group for you to practice with one another, and also have volunteer children or adults to join the group. This is invaluable opportunity for practice and to complete your case studies, for FREE.

Multiple Modalities to Choose from

You have to choice to attend many types of inter-related and supporting modalities in additional to your choice of courses, as we run classes that ranges from BrainGym to RMT and Touch for Health.

Support and Counseling to Become An Instructor

You will be guided and explained on the pathway of your choice, if you wish to be and Instructor that provides services and training classes as a career. Just walk in and talk to us, we will be more than glad to work your pathway out for you.

Opportunity to Participate in Our Community Programs

Occasionally we conduct demos and training at schools and NGO events, you will have the opportunity to participate and be a demonstrator, and gain great experience of teaching, while contributing to help our society by equipping them with drug-free solutions.


BEST Academy currently produces largest number of graduates from multiple modalities. In addition to conducting courses at our home location at Setapak, we also run classes in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Penang and Johor Bahru.

Convenient Location for Food and Accommodation

Our training center is located at 2nd Floor of Platinum Walk, which has plenty of restaurants near by and on the same road for you to choose from. You can find Chinese, Indian, Mamak, Arabic, Korean, Javanese, Kelantan, Johor food all within our immediate vicinity, in addition to Old Town White coffee and a new shopping mall (KL Festival Mall) just next door.

If you are from outstation or overseas, you may also find many budget hotels nearby, all within walking distance. We have listed these hotels on our accommodation page for your convenience.