Choosing Your Course

Brain Gym® - a program of physical movements that enhance learning and performance in ALL areas. Our curriculum offers five levels of courses based on the Edu-K learning model certified by Breakthrough International.

If you are involved in supporting, early intervention and educating children with special needs, these classes are best to go for.

Looking for a program to optimize learning and performance of children with all abilities? This is a movement-based program that addresses the foundational pieces of learning so that children who have special needs can learn how to learn.

RMTi is an effective way to help with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, learning challenges, autism and behavioral/emotional imbalances without the use of drugs.

The kinesiologist uses his or her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, counselling and nutrition as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts to ensure the whole person is balanced.

Infuse your life with optimized energy, physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being—all supported by a more natural approach.

Explore right-left patterns of specialization for our hemispheres, ears, eyes, hands and feet to increase our understanding of the sensory resources we have available to us. Four new five-step learning processes with in-depth noticing techniques are experienced as we move to balance our sensory resources for improved performance.

Discover  how creative you really are with your brain and your body onboard!  Learn processes to use for yourself and with individuals of all ages to build visual motor skills and creative expression.