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Rhythmic Movement Training for School Readiness

This  2-days course introduces Rhythmic Movements and primitive reflex integration in a knowledgeable, fun, interactive and playful way with an emphasis on recognizing retained reflexes in young children.     A Hands on experiential Workshop for School Teacher, Preschool Teachers,   Childcare Providers,  Chiropractors,   Kinesiologists,   Psychologists,   Occupational Therapists,   Physiotherapists,   Speech, Therapists,   Behavioural/Developmental Optometrists,   Social Workers,   Massage […]

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What our participants from Hong Kong say about RMT 1

Course Title: Rhythmic Movement Training Level 1 (Focus, Organization and  Comprehension) Date: 31st August – 1st September 2013 Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Instructor: Phoebe Long Venue: STEP Center for Child Development, Hong Kong Photos of the day:       Feedbacks from the participants: “这课程让我明白凡事都应循序接近。一个阶段未处理好是会影响下一个阶段的发展。课程当中的一起进行练习,互相体会及观察别人的姿态帮助我学习。我想与人分享原来Reflex是不会消失的,在我们身体长居的,但我们认识的一些这些原始反射时,便会懂得用恰当的运动去改善。” ~Tai Ngan Fung (Lilian) “认识RMT 1 怎样帮助孩子提升专注力、情绪等。我想与人分享RMT 是另一种有效的运动能帮助ADHD 的儿童。我想RMT 可以帮助更多人。Phoebe是一位富有经验的讲者,轻松愉快的课程。” […]

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