Sharing “P.L.A.Y to Breakthrough” with Parents at Full Gospel Assembly (FGA)

Phoebe Long spoke about P.LA.Y To Breakthrough to a group of some 40 parents who had turned up at Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) on a Saturday morning. At the talk, she gave credit to a teenager named Max who enlarged her experience of working with children with special needs and that he was the catalyst to her own breakthrough and of how her work, P.L.A.Y TO BREAKTHROUGH came about. Phoebe spoke in detail on how she developed strategies for Max's parents, Max and his siblings to resolve his defiant and challenging behaviours. Her approach addresses the importance of understanding the behaviour and loving support from the whole family in resolving challenging behaviours as well as providing practical strategies.

She spoke at length about her breakthrough with Max, a teenager who in 2014 was defiant and had challenging behaviors and to a Max of today who is invited to sing at fund-raising or social events. A teenager who wants to do things well. She emphasised the importance of being calm during challenging situations and demonstrated how she also used Brain Gym movements to remove stress and anger so that everyone could take a step back and think clearly.


She spoke about the importance of making rational choices and  introduced the parents to an assessment tool which she called OFIB which stands for : Outward or current behavior; Setting goals or looking Forward; Inward into the daily activities and abilities and; Backward into the child’s early development. Using this OFIB, parents can analyse the child’s behavior and to understand the reasons and pin-point possible strategies to help the child breakthrough his challenges. Analyzing the behaviours is the first step. Parents need to embrace 3 key philosophies that she described as 1) being present in terms of timeliness for the child, 2) being open-minded to learn from the child and 3)being affectionate and show love to the child in any situation.

At the talk was also another student of Breakthru Enrichment Station, Bremen, who charmed the participants with his eloquence during his self-introduction and then captivated them with his double doodle drawings of LRT stations with an informative commentary. A parent mentioned that he was impressed that Bremen could remember the years as well as the places the stations were located.



After the talk, everyone made a beeline for the leaflets and cookies at the table where Chris and Hexonna had set up earlier. Chris and Hexonna had a busy time answering questions and selling the cookies. Bremen also did his sales pitch for the Best Cafe event and also help to sell more cookies.


Chris explaining to parents about events and activities at Breakthru Enrichment Station.

Annie Kam, a parent reflected that many a time she had also just scolded son and then swept the bad behaviors under the carpet because it was just too stressful. That  has to change.


There was a lot for the parents to think about.

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