Parents Coaching Program 2013

This is a customised programme for parents who have special needs. These 8 sessions will explore the PLAY Strategies in nurturing and supporting the development of the children.

Parents will learn and experience


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Do you love messy play? Yes!? No!? But kids love to get messy, Why???

Children learn to make choices, solve problems, and make plans through play. Play allows them to make sense of the world around them. Messy play is particularly attractive because it stimulates many of children’s senses at once and because of the variety of materials available.” [Toddlers: Thinking and Learning. (n.d.). SERVE Center at UNCG. Retrieved from]

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Feedbacks from the parents

“The positive changes I noticed in myself during this course are I have a better understanding that by just focusing on academic will not help Kaeven to move forward. Part of the course that help me learn were the brain development, lots of play and movement, sensorial input can enhance learning skills. It can also improve myself personally e.g.: dealing with work related issues.

I will tell others about this course: If anyone have difficulty with learning, do not attend courses that are too challenging as the brain are not ready or integrated to accept, start with back to basic courses e.g. Brain Gym to kick start. We have to feel relaxed and safe in order to learn.” ~ Christina Chan



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