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Uncle Chong

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    Session 1: 25 Aug 2018
    Session 2: 15 Sept
    Session 3: 22 Sept
    Session 4: 10 Nov
    Session 5: 17 Nov
    Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
    Venue: at Breakthru Academy, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur


    Coming Up Next (17 Nov):

    1. How to Play (part 2)

    2. Behavioural Management in Academic Performance

    Practical,  down to earth and achievable approaches in supporting his son has inspired many parents who are going through the same struggles like him. Uncle Chong’s Parenting Coaching Series is developed to encourage, enlighten and empower other parents who have special needs children and teenagers.

    Uncle Chong 历年来在他孩子身上使用的方法,实际,踏实,和可达性高。这激励了许多与他一样经历和挣扎的父母。 他将分享的《家长培训系列》旨在鼓励,启发和授权有特殊需要的孩子或青少年的父母。

    Plus you may enjoy an afternoon tea with delicious home made refreshment by the Breakthru YAY.此外,您还可以享用 [Breakthru YAY青少年组] 为您亲手准备的下午茶和美味糕点。

    Art and game corner for children are available upon request. Minimum donation of RM10 per family. 家长可提前要求儿童艺术和游戏空间. 每个家庭最低捐款10令吉。

    Uncle Chong

    Father of Jin Hao

    Registered Touch for Health Instructor
    Professional Diploma in Special Education, OUM, Malaysia
    Chartered Management Accountant,

    Parent's Feedback 家长的回馈

    “Uncle Chong 的课我学了很多,我很记得他说 slow is fast ,放慢脚步, 孩子学得更多。” - Mr. Low

    “This program has greatly reduced the anxiety for parent in the uncharted territory for the treatment of ASD. Also the parent’s sharing of experience gave me a better understanding of the challenges ahead and better preparation mentally.”- Mr. Chok

    “上了 Uncle Chong的课,收益很多,概念清晰”. - Mr. Goh“

    - Mdm Wong

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