Henry Remanlay

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Henry Remanlay is an International Faculty Tangerang, Indonesia. He completed his formal study in Semarang, Central Java-Indonesia. Starting from the year 2000 he has embodied Kinesiology in his work, especially Brain Gym®.

He completed his study as an acupuncturist and held license from the Ministry of Health. A member of The Indonesian Society of Naturopath (IKNI) and The National Acupuncture Union of Indonesia (PAKSI), He is also a Brain Gym® International Faculty and Touch For Health™ Trainer from International Kinesiology College.

He is a Rhythmic Movement Training™ Instructor and Medical Hypnotherapist focusing in helping Children with special needs. The Founder of Brain Gym® Indonesia Union (PBGI), and the Founder of R.A.I® (Remanlay Acureflex Integration), An active speaker in seminars and workshops as well as conducting certified International training on Kinesiology.

Together with his wife, Dr. Tan Shot Yen, established Dr.Tan Wellbeing Clinics & Remanlay Special Needs’ Health in Tangerang Indonesia.

He is licensed to teach: