Work with Special Needs Children?

Effective programs that addresses the foundational pieces of learning so that all children (including those who have special needs) can learn how to learn.
Parent of a child with special needs undoubtedly have bigger challenges than they ever thought possible to overcome. If you are involve in providing care to your child as a parent, a care giver or a therapist, whether you're raising a child with various physical, developmental or emotional challenges, we hope you will find these classes and techniques very helpful and practical. Based on natural, normal human development movements, these activities and methods are directly applicable and useable, and are safe, easy and enjoyable.

Breakthru Enrichment Station

Centre for Children Who Learns Differently

School Application

All facilitators at Breakthru Enrihcment Station are trained to apply Movement Based Learning techniques.

Breakthru Enrichment Station started in January 2010 and provides breakthrough support through plenty of experiential play, interaction and relationship with our special needs children. Their programs are carefully planned for these children who encounter learning difficulty or behavioural problems ranging from integration sensory problem, ADHD, Autistic, Down syndrome, Dyspraxia to Dyslexia. Using their in-house unique program Personalized Educational Abilities and Re-patterning Learning (P.E.A.R.L.) system and based primarily on Educational Kinesiology approach, especially movement based learning, the aim is to prepare these children for learning, self-independance skills and eventually mainstream education.

When learning involves the whole brain, we become active, self-motivated learners, able to take risks, explore new territory, and enjoy the peaks and valleys of the adventure at any age and under any circumstance.Cecilia Koester, M.Ed., founder of Movement Based Learning