Foo Wan Ching

Wan-Ching EDITED

Ms. Foo Wan Ching has always taken an interest in the arts and that led her to pursue a Diploma in TV Production from the Malaysia Institute of Art (MIA) soon after high school. During this time she learned about the relationship and dynamics between stories and characters, and wondered how she could help in making better stories in people’s lives. Following her college mentor’s advice she then embarked on the journey to help young people connect with their gifts and aptitude through education fairs and counseling workshops through initiatives of the Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies. Two years later Wan Ching joined a youth organization that worked amongst youth at the grassroots level, specializing in organizing youth camps, workshops and other youth related programmes. At the end of the seventh year with the organization in which she took on various roles and responsibilities, she decided to take a break from paid work to prepare for the arrival of her first child.

It was not until four years later in 2008 when she continued her initial calling in people development at a fully Montessori centre where her children now attends, and completing the International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy in 2010. Wan Ching is passionate in seeing children develop and grow into full potential at their own pace and in their own special ways. In addition to motherhood Wan Ching enjoys movies, reading and cooking in her free time.