Rhythmic Movement Training for School Readiness (K.K.)

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  • Two days Training Course
    May 23, 2015 - May 24, 2015
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Venue:   Tree House Learning Centre, Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)

Tree House Learning Centre, Block C-1-8, Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

by Phoebe Long Mei Wah

This  2-days course introduces Rhythmic Movements and primitive reflex integration in a knowledgeable, fun, interactive and playful way with an emphasis on recognizing retained reflexes in young children.

RMT for school readiness(1)


A Hands on experiential Workshop for

School Teacher, Preschool Teachers,   Childcare Providers,  Chiropractors,   Kinesiologists,   Psychologists,   Occupational Therapists,   Physiotherapists,   Speech, Therapists,   Behavioural/Developmental Optometrists,   Social Workers,   Massage Therapists,   Body Workers,   Parents,  Carers,   Playgroup organisers,

Open to all!     No prerequisites!

RMT provides opportunity to support children and adults to achieve their highest potential

Rhythmic Movement Training™ (RMT) is a movement based, primitive reflex integration program which incorporates developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure games play and self awareness to establish or re-build foundations necessary to help overcome developmental delays, learning, sensory emotional and behavioural challenges.

Kerstin Linde, the developer modified the movements babies and infants make to support children and adults with developmental delays.  Harald Blomberg MD and Moira Dempsey extended this information into a reflex integration system.

Topics included in this course:

• Role of movement in brain development, sensory processing, emotions, memory, and behavior;

• Introduction to reflexes, stress and movement quality;

• Neck reflexes: Tonic Labyrinthine, Asymmetrical Tonic and Symmetrical Tonic;

• Spinal Galant reflex and attention;

• Foot and hand reflexes;

• Emotions, stability and role of Moro reflex and Fear Paralysis response;

• Games and activities to integrate reflexes;

• Includes illustrated manual.



  • 动作在大脑发育中的作用,感官处理,情绪,记忆和行为。
  • 介绍身体反射,压力和有质量的活动。
  • 颈部反射:张力迷路反射(TLR),对称性张力颈部反射(STNR) 及不对称张力颈部反射(ATNR)。
  • 脊椎格兰氏反射和专注力。
  • 手和脚的反射。
  • 情绪稳定,惊吓反射和恐惧麻痹回应的运作。
  • 能刺激反射的游戏和活动。