Brain Gym® 170 for Special Needs Provider by Cecilia Koester (Penang)

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  • 4 Days Course - BG170 Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider by Cecilia Koester
    April 12, 2018 - April 16, 2018
    5:00 pm - 1:00 am


1-D, Jalan Pantai Molek, Penang, 10470, Malaysia


  • Cecilia Koester
    Cecilia Koester, is internationally known for her work with children and adults who have special needs. She has worked since 1979 with children of all abilities––typically functioning, attention deficit/hyperactive, emotionally/behaviorally challenged, autistic, developmentally delayed, Downs Syndrome and severe handicaps. The remarkable and provocative book I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs, published in 1998, journaled Koester’s experiences over a two-year period as a teacher in a public school classroom, drawing out the gifts of eleven children who had complex developmental needs. This book is an inspirational book that offers the reader insights of the kinds of things that can be done with children who have severe physical challenges to improve their quality of life.

About The Course

All participants who attended her class went off with a new understanding of supporting the children with special needs with effective tools of building blocks. You will also witness live demo on how she work with invited special needs children with the building blocks.

This 32-hour experiential course provides an in-depth study of how to use Brain Gym® with children and adults, with specific adaptations for those with special needs.

Therapists, teachers, tutors , elder caregivers and parents as well as anyone in the caring professions will benefit from learning how to assess the needs of an individual, develop a Brain Gym® program to meet those needs, evaluate the effectiveness of the program with ways to modify when necessary for best results.

Brain Gym® 170 provides excellent applications for a variety of mental and physical challenges including:

autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, Angelman’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, speech impairments, brain injuries, blindness, deafness and impairments caused by strokes.

In this course, participants learn:

  1. 26 Brain Gym® movements and modifications for special cases
  2. 7 Building Block activities which support integration of the nervous system
  3. The 5 Step balance process which targets goals for learning and performance
  4. Dennison Laterality Repatterning for whole brain/body integration
  5. The principles behind EduUK

Participants will leave the course with new skills that optimize learning and performance in all areas of life. And they will find that these tools are immediately applicable in-home, school and therapeutic settings!