BG101 – Brain Gym® 101 Certification Course

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  • 3 Days Course - BG101
    July 1, 2016 - July 3, 2016
    9:00 am - 5:30 pm


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Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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  • Yu Chiet Cheng
    Mr Cheng Yu Chiet has the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on learning experience in Brain Gym® from Miss Cecilia Koester (author of ‘Interfacing Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs’), Miss Moira Dempsey (co-author of ‘Movement that Heals’ and co-founder of Rhythmic Movement Training International), Mr Henry Remanlay (International Faculty Member of Indonesia), Glenys Leadbeater (International Faculty Member of New Zealand) and Miss Kay McCarroll (International Faculty Member of the United Kingdom), Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym(R) International Foundation, as well as other dedicated and well-known instructors.

About The Course

Brain Gym® 101 course is a movement based program which included a series of simple movement activities that optimized brain activity and integrated body and mind. It provides a “menu” of twenty six simple activities that recall the young children natural movements as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and whole body. Throughout the years, these simple and fun to do activities have been shown through field studies and research reports are effective in teaching the learners the physical skills they need for academic success. Therefore, this movement-based learning program bring about not only rapid and dramatic improvement in reading, writing, language and numerical skills but also enhancing the quality of attention and concentration, relationship and communication, memory and organizational skills.

BG101 course serves the need for:

    • People of all age who wish to enhance their lives and learning skills
    • Parents and educators who wish to bring more ease and joy to the children in their care, including those with behavior and learning challenges
    • Those who need to add a skill to their existing profession
    • Those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Brain Gym® , become instructor/ consultants, and gain a globally recognized license
    • Those who wish to become consultants in conjunction with their specialty, such as teaching, occupational therapy , or physiotherapy

What will I learn ?

This 24-hour course introduces you to using Brain Gym® to benefit yourself and others. You will learn how to draw out the potential in all areas of life by using powerful Brain Gym® tools, including :

    • 4 Steps to Get Ready
      This four minute Brain Gym® warm-up helps you feel focused, relaxed and ready to begin any new task or challenge.
    • 26 Specific Movement Activities
      Quick and simple physical movements that enhance specific skills, such as memory, math reading, writing and communication, while improving creativity, energy levels, athletic performance, and school and business success.
    • The 5-Step Balance
      This process targets a goal of your choice. You will learn how to select and do the Brain Gym® activities that best support achieving the goal.
    • 2 Re-patterning Sequences
      “Dennison Laterality Re-patterning” and “Three Dimension Re-patterning” -“remind” different areas of your brain to work together synergistically. They are specially useful for improving focus, participation, and organization, and for the greater case in everyday tasks and physical activities.

Take charge of your learning, parenting and working style! Learn specific hands-on movements and balances that will:

    • Promotes efficient communication,
    • Increases in creativity,
    • Alleviates stress,
    • Enhances performance in study, work, sports etc,
    • Bring more ease and joy in teaching your children / students, including those with behavioural or learning difficulties.