In view of the further extension of the CMCO to flatten the curves, we are pleased to announce the DATES and TIMES of the online workshops that will be held. You may register for the Live Online Workshop at below:

Saturdays * 10.00am-11.00am

All workshops will be held on Malaysian time (GMT+8.00)

In Mandarin with live English translation

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Speaker 1

Vincent Siew (30 May 2020)

Speaker 2

Joanne Lee (6 June 2020)

Speaker 3

Chong WM (13 June 2020)

No Workshop Fees, Just Donation

Free Will Donation

Our goal is to provide information and connection to parents, caregivers and teachers during this trying time. In order to do this, we are asking for donation of goodwill.

30% of these funds will go toward the administrative fee to set up, launch and maintain these workshops and 70% will be set aside for children of our Parents and Community Association Empowerment members who are hard hit by COVID-19 and in need of financial assistance to continue their child's learning, therapy and intervention.

Step 1

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Step 3

Donate Any Amount You Wish

For Direct Bank transfer 如用银行转账, please make to:

Hong Leong Bank

Account No: 355-0000-7481

Account Name: Breakthru Enrichment Station

Note: Breakthru Enrichment Station is the authorized payment gateway for PACE Association.

Step 4

Choose Your Event and Register

Please Register Individually

Venue: Zoom Webinar - for security reason, you will need to login to Zoom when you join these events.

Family 1 - Vincent Siew - 30 May 2020 (中文,备有英文翻译 - In Mandarin with live English translation)

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How I CAPTURE high quality moments of my child easily on video?
  • Simple step by step video editing process to create quality short clips.
  • My way to appreciate my child's ability in the midst of his limitation
  • Remind him that he can do it and build his confidence and motivation to push through his limitation.


Family 2 - Joanne Lee - 6 June 2020 (中文,备有英文翻译 - In Mandarin with live English translation)

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“Justin, 你真棒!”
"Justine, you are Amazing!"

两年前,我只期望 Justin 能与我有眼神交流以及与我交谈。没想到这两年我们所做的已经超越我所期待的。今天 Justin 已经11岁了,他能与我交流,也能与其他人交流。他也能独立地完成日常生活的活动,如烹饪和做家务。让我来与你分享 Justin 的故事。

Flashback 2 years ago, my only desire was for Justin to give me eye contact and talk to me. I never thought that what WE DID these 2 years made it possible and more than I ever dreamt . Today Justin is 11 years old, he could interact not only with me, but also with other people. He also could carry out his daily living independently such as cooking, house chores etc. Let me share with you Justin's story.

Family 3 - Chong Wei Ming - 13 June 2020 (中文,备有英文翻译 - In Mandarin with live English translation)

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Look for 1 positive, overlook the mistakes.