In view of the extension of the Movement Control Order to flatten the curves, we are pleased to announce the DATES and TIMES of the online workshops that will be held. You may register for the Live Online Workshop at below:

Saturdays * 10.30am-11.30am

All workshops will be held on Malaysian time (GMT+8.00)

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Phoebe Long

No Workshop Fees, Just Donation

Free Will Donation At The End Of Workshop

Our goal is to provide information and connection to parents, caregivers and teachers during this trying time. In order to do this, we are asking for donation of goodwill.

For Direct Bank transfer, please make to:

Hong Leong Bank

Account No: 355-0000-7481

Account Name: Breakthru Enrichment Station

Note: Breakthru Enrichment Station is the authorized payment gateway for PACE Association.

30% of these funds will go toward the administrative fee to set up, launch and maintain these workshops and 70% will be set aside for children of our Parents and Community Association Empowerment members who are hard hit by COVID-19 and in need of financial assistance to continue their child's learning, therapy and intervention.

Please Register Individually

Venue: Authenticated Zoom Webinar

1st Topic - 25 April 2020

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What You Will Learn:

  • Be able to understand what reflexes are.
  • Be able to identify the retained reflexes from the child’s posture and behavior
  • Have a clear understanding how the retained reflexes affected the child’s learning
  • Be able to identify the retained reflexes involved in blocking a child’s reading ability.
  • Be able to learn how to check on the retained Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflexes
  • Experience a Brain Gym® movement that integrate the reflex


2nd Topic - 2 May 2020

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What You Will Learn:

  • Be able to acquire skill to self check if stress is involved in the teaching process.
  • Know the child’s challenges in carrying out a task given.
  • Have a clear process to take your child through the lesson so he can learn with ease.
  • Be able to identify the appropriate movement break to reset stress involved during the lesson.
  • Know exactly how to provide timely prompt and apply forward and backward chaining to ensure success in carrying out the task.
  • Be able to measure your child’s learning ability before and after the movement break.
  • Be able to mark the progress and celebrate every lesson, anchor a lifelong learning experience and patch up the developmental gap calmly.


3rd Topic - 9 May 2020

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What You Will Learn:

  • Why are the hands so tensed or floppy? - An insight in the Palmar Grasp Reflex and simple hand activities.


4th Topic - 16 May 2020

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What will you learn:

  • A step by step guidance on prompting
  • What is backward chaining and forward chaining and
  • How to fading the prompt smoothly


5th Topic - 23 May 2020

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What you will learn:

  • An insight on the Infant Plantar Reflexes
  • Activities that relaxes Central Nervous System
  • Promote speech production
  • Stabilize emotion