Courses for Special Needs Providers

Movement Based Learning

MBL One day Class

Easy to learn and use with all children (especially children with special needs)

Movement Based Learning (MBL) stimulates brain function with simple movements. It develops the brain's neural pathways the natural way through movement. Precise movements can help improve comprehension, organization, physical mobility, focus and communication.

Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers

BG170 4 days Class

The source of Movement Based Learning, covers Brain Gym and the balance in depth.

Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers offers excellent applications for a variety of mental and physical challenges including: autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, Angelman's Syndrome, Down Syndrome, speech impairments, brain injuries, blindness, deafness and impairments caused by strokes.

Participants will leave this course with the new skills that optimize learning and performance in all areas of life. And they will find that these tools are immediately applicable in home, school and therapeutic settings!

Rhythmic Movement Training

RMT Level 1 Two Days Class

Understands the role of Primitive Infant Reflex and how it affects a special needs child.

Babies and young children naturally perform what experts in early childhood education call developmental movements. These movements develop the neural connections in the brain, which are essential to learning.

This is a program that helps children or adults with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and other learning challenges, including sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges.