Phoebe Long

Certified HRDF Trainer, Founder of Breakthru Academy

  • International Faculty of Breakthroughs International (Brain Gym), US
  • International Faculty of Movement Based Learning (MBL), US
  • International Professional Kinesiologist of International Kinesiology College (IKC), New Zealand
  • Licensed Instructor and Consultant of Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi), US
  • Vice President of Brain Gym Malaysia
  • Advisor of Malaysia Special Kinesiology Association (PKKM)

Welcome to our training centre, where teaching and spreading Special Kinesiology courses is our mission. Because we see the need for a better society with greater acceptance of people with special needs, and the desire to help as many people to to be out of depression and chronic stress. Kinesiology is an amazing way to achieve this in the most natural way, by just using our body and without medications, and it can be used for infants as well as senior persons, individually or in groups, in classroom or in your office, safely.

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Courses for Everyone

International Certified Courses for Adults and Professionals for daily living and Continuous Professional Developement
We conduct Educational Kinesiology courses for Brain Gym® Instructorship, Brain Gym® 101, Vision Circle, Optimal Brain Organization, Double Doodle Instructorship, Edu-K In Depth, Teacher's Practicum, Brain Gym® 170 for Special Needs Providers, Rhythmic Movement Training™ (RMTi) Providers and Instructorship, Movement Based Training™ (MBL) Instructorship, Touch for Health™ Synthesis Class and more.

Participants Sharing Their Experiences

Positive changes I noticed in myself during this course (Brain Gym 170) was I realized my past and there is something to change now. After this course I learn that I need to improve my own emotional before I can help others to calm down their emotional. This course could help us not only help for special need children. It also helps for controlling the emotional and improves the brain system. – Suzanne Goh Siau Wui

Brain Gym® 170 For Special Needs Providers

通过RMT 的课程,学到刺激脑干、小脑、基底神经的发展。从而透过这些动作,改善专注力和减少过动和冲动行为。透过学习各种的Reflexes ,各种的原始反射动作, 对人自然的反应及补偿行为的知识。我想告诉他人整个RMT的课程对幼儿有帮助外,也对不同的人也有帮助,令其整个人也能专注地学习及透过不同的动作,唤醒自己的脑皮层。本人更想学习多些动作来帮助调节肌张力,刺激大脑部分的连接,提升自己和幼儿失衡的问题。”~ Cheung Yuk Tsui

Rhythmic Movement Training Integrating Primitive Reflexes

The methods of teaching by instructor are easily to understand and explain several times when the participants have the question or difficulties. From this course, I know what Touch for Health (TFH) and how to do the muscle checking and notice which muscle is related with particular meridian. Touch for Health, Level 1 (TFH1) will be used when I meet difficulty or feel tension. It helps me to relax. – Chong Zhi Jen

Touch For Health Balancing Your Energy Within

The course (Brain Gym 101) is very flexible with participant’s need. It is straight forward and easy to understand even though it’s actually quite a lot to be understand. The positive changes I noticed in myself during the course are I more understand the Brain Gym activities and the activities does help me to feel more relax and more aware myself. Brain Gym is a technique that may help with our daily activities through simple movement. – Norhayati

Brain Gym® 101 Balance for Daily LIving