Cheng Yu Chiet


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Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant
Licensed Double Doodle Play Instructor
Optimal Brain Organisation Instructor in training

Mr Cheng Yu Chiet has the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on learning experience in  Brain Gym® from Miss Cecilia Koester (author of ‘Interfacing Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs’), Miss Moira Dempsey (co-author of ‘Movement that Heals’ and co-founder of Rhythmic Movement Training International), Mr Henry Remanlay (International Faculty Member of Indonesia), Glenys Leadbeater (International Faculty Member of New Zealand) and Miss Kay McCarroll (International Faculty Member of the United Kingdom), Educational Kinesiology/Brain Gym(R) International Foundation,  as well as other dedicated and well-known instructors.

Mr Cheng nurtured his passion for painting since school and passed his art examination  with distinctions. With a professional background in information technology, Mr Cheng has successfully developed, overseen and implemented corporate IT systems. He has also ventured into computer-aided designing, visualising concepts and translating them into comprehensible visual diagrams.  In 2010, he started pursuing an interest in Brain Gym(R) upon discovering the link between brain dynamics and his field of job, and undertook training with esteemed master trainers.

Mr Cheng’s dynamic thinking and positive approach to life has stood him in good stead when it comes to engaging teenagers and youth. He has excellent drawing power to persuade and guide teenagers with learning differences. Armed with his skills in Brain Gym, he desires to be their mentor, expand their vision of life and impart practical experiences in supporting their learning journey. Using the platform of Breakthru Enrichment Station™, the learning centre that he co-founded, Mr Cheng aims to create a conducive learning environment that is both fun and fruitful for teenagers.