Minggu Pendidikan Khas SK Taman Midah 2 (Day 2)

Activities carried out on the second day, some of the special need children had been familiar with some of us, this was great to run our second day activities smoothly and successfully, which was Ballooning with storytelling and teachers talk.

It was a lovely and beautiful Wednesday, and we arrived there about 930am. We set up our equipment and tools, such as hula hoop, paper balls and soft balls which as the equipment of Telematch. Other than these, we had prepared some of the teaching manual and text books for selling, such as Movement Based Learning text book. School teachers were enthusiastic response and treasure to learn this new techniques and skills.

This special event begun with PACE activity, our center director, Mrs. Phoebe explained the meaning and effectiveness of PACE while children and internship students from our center demonstrated to the children the appropriate movement of PACE on the stage, other teachers from our center went to assist students in the whole process.


Interns and children from our center had participated in this event



Mrs. Phoebe explained the function and effectiveness of PACE movement.


The reaction of special children under the stage were still enthusiastic and responsive. Some of students volunteer themselves to the stage to demonstrate the movement too. Not just only students, the involved teachers also follow our steps to learn these wonderful movements.

After the PACE activity, competition among different groups had started! Students were separated into five different groups and started to compete with one another in this fun Telematch game. Fortunately, they had been running through the game on first day, thus they perfectly presented the procedure of games through their teamwork and encouragement during the process, therefore raise the ambience up to the highest point forthwith.


Students expressed their cooperation during group distribution process before Telematch game!



Students were doing it well and excited!



Children and inters of our center have some fun with them too!

When the time brought students to the balloon and storytelling time, they were both excited and anticipated because all of them able to get a free balloon and were taught to fold a cute balloon doggie. At first, all of the students listen to the story and get a visual presentation of balloon doggie which presented by two internship students from our center. After that, students been distributed one balloon in hands and people from our center joined into different groups to help to pump air and taught them the procedure of balloon doggie. Students were happily to get their finished product at the end. The precious moment was some of the students willing to help and teach their friends in the process, this moment not just only folded a balloon doggie but also spread out many of friends’ love!


Students were learning the procedure of balloon doggie.


At the same time, involved school teachers had been taught some simple Building Block Activities movement by Mrs. Phoebe. In these hours, involved school teachers had expressed their positive feedback to us, because now they obtained a brand new technique which can be used on their students, it might be helpful and effective as well as reduce the burden of school teachers.



Mrs. Phoebe was doing demonstration and explanation about the movement.



School teachers were practicing and learning the movement.



Mrs. Lian Ai was sharing her experiences with school teachers.


This special event brought to a successful closing and every one of us had benefited a great deal. Although this special event had a room of improvement, yet this was a good explore for us, especially big children of our center, it created unforgettable memories and precise experiences in our heart. At the same time, we also wished students and teachers there had been beneficial and enjoyed in this two days’ event too.


BEST特别活动: SK Taman Midah 2 (第二天)

今天是第二天在这里举行活动。活动也是10点开始,我们大概9点半到达SK Taman Midah 2。今天我们也带了自己中心的孩子去看看也让他们帮忙。开始Mr. Yu Chiet就在台上与孩子们打招呼,向他们问好。他们都很有精神的回答。过后,我们就先介绍自己的孩子和其他几位实习生。然后Mrs. Phoebe就开始介绍健脑操的准备学习四式(PACE)。喝水,脑开关,交叉爬行,挂钩的功能与用处。我们让我们中心的孩子在台上示范正确的动作然后Mrs. Phoebe再介绍动作的功能。比如喝水是让孩子们准备好启动电系统的脑开关中获益。




做完了准备学习四式(PACE)动作后,就开始将孩子们分组。Ms. Chris就吩咐中心的孩子和实习生就开始示范比赛的规则和玩的方法是什么,示范错误的玩法在告诉孩子们如何才是对的玩法。谁先完成谁就是赢家。再来就分配实习生和我们中心的孩子两人一起带领一个组。总共有五组。我们准备了三个游戏让他们玩。第一个游戏是穿过呼啦圈。手握手再为一个圈,把呼啦圈从第一个人传到最后一个人,那一组先完成谁就是赢家。第二个游戏是用呼啦圈拉球在转一个圈回来把呼啦圈和球以拍手交给下一个人。第三个游戏是传球。把球用双手往后传。大家都很享受玩游戏的过程。虽然有一点难控制但是还是完成了我们要做的事情。




竞技比赛后,就是折气球时间。Ivy 和Swee Yao(实习生)负责教孩子们折气球和然后伴随着故事。让孩子可以有想象的画面。分给孩子们一人一个气球再教他们折成形状,例如剑或狗狗的形状。而我们就从旁协助和指导孩子们。孩子们都玩的不亦乐乎。有些孩子捏太大力把气球捏破了。每个孩子都有自己想要折的形状,有的想折猫,有的想折鳄鱼还有很多。但是我们会折的形状有限,只能教两三种折法。教完了,折完了过后就吩咐孩子们坐回原位。有些孩子会到处跑但是还是把他们叫回来了。过后来个总结,问他们的感想,孩子们都回答好玩。过后再叫他们把地上的垃圾捡起来丢进垃圾桶里。然后那边的负责老老师就负责把他们集合。我们的任务就完成了

与其同时,Mrs. Phoebe 也正在给家长和老师们韵律性动作(RMT),健脑操和积木堆叠式运动的演讲。告诉他们这些运动的用处和功能。然后再示范给老师和家长们如何正确的使用者几项运动。也让老师和家长们亲身示范,自己去体验这些运动的过程。让他们可以使用这些方法在他们自己的学生或孩子身上。通过韵律性动作(RMT),健脑操和积木堆叠式运动帮助他们的孩子,让孩子在学校和家里都可以做这些运动。这样才可以达到最好的效果。


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