Attending B.E.ST Annual Talent Time & Awards Giving Day 2014

BEST Talent Time

by Yu Chiet
“Breakthru Enrichment Station Talent Time and Awards Day 2015” completed successfully on 8 November 2014. Children enjoyed themselves very much and has shown great confidence before the audience! The dancing, playing instruments and acting were impressive, not to mention this year our MC is done by the children themselves too.

Adam Ling and Tan Zheng Yang’s Speech


Adam Zheng Yang

Adam Ling’s speech “My Bicycle”
“Good morning, dear aunties, uncles and all my friends. My name is Adam Ling. I am 8 years old. Today, I am going to talk about my bicycle. I have a bicycle. It is blue and white in colour. It is a birthdaypresent from my daddy. My bicycle has 4 wheels, 2 big and 2 small. I learn to ride the bicycle athome. I’m happy because I know how to ride my bicycle now.”


Tan Zheng Yang’s speech “My Favorite Food”
“A very good morning, uncles, aunties and all my friends. My name is Tan Zheng Yang. I am 8 years old. Today, I want to tell you about my favourite food. I like to eatebikkosushi. It is so delicious. Daddy and mummy take me to eat sushi once a month. I feel happy when I can eat sushi together with my brother and sister. I hope you like it, too.”

Seeing them being performing on stage, Breakthru Academy and B.E.ST Centre all felt so proud and thankful for such opportunities made possible by a large group of people supporting us.







A big thank you

to everyone who have contributed, supported or encouraged the children and facilitators throughout 2014 in making this event a groundbreaking success:

  1. Dato Yew Teong Look, for being our special guest of honour and willing to support these children generously.
  2. Ms. Amenny Chua & Mr. Lee Wee Kok, the parents of Lee Chin Kang and their team members (Alex Yeoh, CK Chong Chee Kiong, Chloe Ng, Darren Cheng, Daneal Eoon, Ivan Chong, Kelson Kee Boon Siang, Lee Wee Kok, Low Mooi Hoon, Mei En, Steven Au, Yvonne), from One World Toastmaster & Mr. Moses Wong, the parent of Joshua and Solomon Wong, for conducting the Toastmasters sessions for our children every alternate Wednesday.
  3. Ms. Christina Chan, Irene Lee and Michelle Chan for preparing cosmetics and make-up for children during Talent Time and Awards Giving Day.
  4. Mr. Chu Yew Leong, the parent of Jeremy, for sponsoring the lorry to transport props to the hall.
  5. Ms. Mariza Binti. Mat Husain, the parent of Fadzril, for teaching carpentry skills to our children.
  6. Mr. Phoon Mun Kit, the parent of Iris and Ian Phoon, for installing the ceiling brackets for sensory equipment.
  7. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Quah, the parents of Cassandra Quah, for sponsoring the acoustic drum set.
  8. Mr. & Mrs. William Lai Wei Liang, the parents of Lucas Lai, for sponsoring the cloth for stage decoration.
  9. Mr. Alvin Strang and family for their contribution of books, stationery for our children.
  10. Ms. Poongkody Palany, for editing and language support.
    Ms. Senju Kameda, piano engineer, for refurbishing our 40- year-old piano.
    Mr. Tong Chee Hung, for sponsoring chicken for BEST Cafe session.
    Mr. Tey Jit Xiong, for teaching the Saturday drum classes.

And many others who have offered their supports and encouragement as we work together with the children and families!