Join our Associate Instructor Initiative (A.I.I.) Project

Breakthru Academy welcomes qualified instructors of recognized modalities to join us to be our Associate Instructor. Being an associate instructor, you will be placed in our instructor list and be invited to teach in our classes. Currently the recognized modalities are Movement Based Learning, Rhythmic Movement Training, Brain Gym for Special Needs Providers, Brain Gym courses, Touch for Health and RMT for School Readiness.

Great for New Instructors

Kickstarting Freshie Instructor

  • Designed to support new instructors Excellent for gaining experience
  • Opportunity to practice teaching Practice makes perfect
  • Class is possible with small group As low as 2 students
  • Young people are invited to join Give diversity in teaching
  • Close Mentorship Co-teaching with experienced instructors

Youth and Apprentices Get To Pay Minimum

  • Huge discount in fee Making class affordable to young people
  • Equipping Young People and Facilitators Building interest in them at young

Senior Instructors Should Join Too

Mentoring New Instructors

  • Co-Teaching with fresh instructors Excellent for gaining experience
  • Receive new updates As the class evolve.

Bring Solutions to Government Agencies and Schools

  • Get Invites to provide training at Government Agencies and Schools
  • Hands on balancing school students and teachers Making impact directly to their live and results

Overseas Teaching

  • Be an international trainer Oversea teaching opportunity
  • Networking and make new friends Knowing the locals

Your Contribution

Share A Small % of Your Instructor Fee

  • Financial support on rental and teaching equipment maintenance
  • Financial support for youth and apprentices who pay minimum
  • Financial support for family with low income
  • Financial support needed for publicity and promotions
  • Financial support for website and online services
  • For low volume classes, trainer paid a fixed rate

Support You'll Get

Sponsored Rate for Manuals and Teaching Materials

  • Discounts irregardless of quantity
  • Help to build up teaching material collection

Class Administration Support

  • Class Setup prior to class
  • Payment Collections
  • Teaching Materials Preparation
  • 5 Star Facilities include large TV, computer, PA, table and Chairs
  • Training Room size can accommodate 40
  • Refreshments Prepared

Listing On Website

  • Your profile and job experience highlighted on internet
  • Class listing on Website
  • Online Payment Gateway for Oversea payments
  • Flyers and social media promotions

The Terms

Teach 2 Classes

  • Minimum 2 Classes per year
  • Organized by Breakthru Academy

Code of Ethics

  • No promotion of own classes not conducted by Academy to participants
  • No bulk purchase of teaching materials for sale unless with written permission

Cancellation of Class

  • For senior instructors, minimum class participant 4
  • Cancellation will be decided one weeks ahead of class date
  • Remaining participants will be asked to join the next available class.

Join our Associate Initiative

Be the movers of kinesiology work to all that need it

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