Phoebe long


International Faculty Member Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant with  Brain Gym Foundation/ Brain Gym® International USA
Certified HRDF Trainer
Professional Kinesiologist of International Kinesiology College, Australia

International Registered Touch for Health™ Instructor
Licensed Movement Based Learning Inc Instructor

Rhythmic Movement Training International Instructor
Double Doodle Play Instructor
Vision Circle Instructor

Phoebe Long has the privilege of hands-on learning and experiencing Brain Gym® with Dr. Paul Dennison (Founder of Brain Gym® International), Dr. Carla Hannaford (Author of books like Smart Moves, The Dominance Factor, Awakening the Child Heart and Playing in the Unified Field), Cecilia Koester (Author of Interfacing Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs) and many other dedicated and passionate instructors.

As a Montessori trained teacher, she has years of experience and knowledge in operating kindergarten using Fungates® programmes. She has vast knowledge in handling children with learning and behavioural difficulties. She is currently a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor, Double Doodle Play Instructor, Touch for Health™ Instructor, Rhythmic Movement Training International Instructor, Director of Breakthru Enrichment Station™ and Breakthru Academy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phoebe Long is passionate in sharing her experiences in supporting children who learn differently in Breakthru Enrichment Station™ and knowledge gained to anyone who desire to support special needs children and themselves more optimally and with joy. She believes partnership with parents and care givers in creating the most conducive environment for the special needs children breakthrough.